I'm Ready - Music Video

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Excited to finally release the music video for I'm Ready. We shot this over the course of a few days before leaving on tour and it was really fun experience to get to be involved in the experience from concept to execution.



When you're sitting in a huge warehouse and someone is painting blood on a ballerina, and you're saying, "more blood!" you cross your fingers that everybody will be down.  And they all were.  This was a really close collaboration between myself, my manager, and the 2 directors.  It started in my manager's head and it was so fulfilling to make it become a reality.  Sitting behind the camera, telling the ballerina what we wanted from a particular scene, and just covering the poor girl with blood.  When her boyfriend showed up at the end to pick her up, he didn't even bat an eye.  She was a real powerhouse.  So strong, so elegant, so vulnerable.  I got chills in the moment, when we were shooting her exultant dance at the end, with her hair whipping all over the place.  I love making things.  I feel really alive when I'm doing that.  And I've never made a video before.  It was a crazy process, so much goes into it.  It was very exciting to be behind the curtain.



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